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MedicQuire is a Franklin, Tennessee based medical direct marketing agency with a vision of changing (and disrupting) how business is done in the healthcare industry. We strive to create and maintain traditional old fashioned relationships, superior technology and marketing methods. Our unique business building techniques allow us to exceed our clients' expectations unlike any company in the marketing and healthcare industry. Our mission is to be the leading global player in the direct to consumer medical marketing space.  

MedicQuire helps medical and healthcare clients to rapidly increase their new patient volumes as a national and global medical sales and marketing partner. We simplify complicated marketing processes and utilize the digital and direct marketing spectrum to maximize our client’s profitability and market growth. MedicQuire markets under company brand names, service marks and web sites. We own and manage a self-service, proprietary, multi-channel marketing platform for providing online and offline direct marketing services. The firm also owns and operates an in-house, U.S. based call center.

Our success is achieved by maintaining the following objectives and principles:

  • Offer what is in high demand and be ready to change the approach to help the client succeed.
  • Build successful campaigns by thinking outside the box and be different from and better than competitors offering similar services.
  • Focus on markets where patients have needs for a spectrum of products and services to improve their medical conditions, care or physical appearance.
  • Develop and maintain long lasting business relationships through quality and consistent communications.
  • Never let clients, and marketing partners wait for a response. We resolve issues and respond fast. Speed of execution is essential to our success.
  • Maintain loyalty and mutual respect for all the members of the MedicQuire team - we know that this value affects the success of our clients and partners.
  • Always seek out new opportunities and enter new markets within the U.S. and beyond.
  • Target and support clients to grow and succeed based on the overall potential and not just company size.

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